Measure What Matters

8 of the top 10 skills for 2025 are personal and workplace  competencies, also called soft skills. Although educators  and employers recognize these skills are critical to college  success and work readiness, we lack a strategic way to build  and measure them. Employers hire for hard skills, but fire for soft skills, so even if schools prepare students technically and  academically, our nation’s graduates are not fully future ready. 

JAKAPA measures what matters. We are the GPA for soft skills. Our assessment system provides the critical measurements and  support you need to develop shared language and approaches  to ensure your students and employees have what it takes to be  successful. Our system measures up to 32 critical personal and  workplace competencies, and we customize our assessments, so  they are aligned to your values and needs.

JAKAPA'S Solution


JAKAPA develops self-awareness of critical skills so students understand what they are and what they look like in practice.

Peer Assessments

JAKAPA allows individuals to see how they are perceived by their team and underscores the importance of the team process. 

Reports and Resources

JAKAPA reports provide comparative and growth data to inform goal setting and our resources help students set goals and gain skills. 

JAKAPA'S Value: Explore how JAKAPA can help you!


Energy Regulation


Goal Regulation
Decision Making
Task Management
Detail Management
Rule Following
Time Management
Responsibility Management


Information Processing
Cultural Competence
Abstract Thinking


Perspective Taking
Social Warmth
Capacity for Trust
Ethical Capacity


Stress Regulation
Anger Management
Confidence Regulation
Impulse Regulation

JAKAPA means Yes, Team!

After a career in the US Navy working on a nuclear sub, our founder  returned to college and was surprised by the lack of soft skills in his  college peers. Working together as a team, communicating, problem solving and a host of other soft skills were essential to safe operation of  the submarine. Gavin was stationed off the coast of New Zealand and  KAPA means team in Maori, the language of New Zealand’s indiginous  people. JA means yes in many languages

" This product is exactly what the professor needs to help teams understand the importance of initiative and cohesiveness.

-Renee A. Clay
Director for Career Services and Student Programs

Gain self-awareness, improve skills and bcome more competitive for future opportunities for admissions, employment or promotions
Identify the skills your students need to be ready for life and establish shared language and approaches to teach them
Determine the return on investment for programming aimed at career readiness and compare programs or classess across your school, college or university.

JAKAPA for Students

Be ready for life!

JAKAPA can help you understand the skills you need to succeed, so you can feel confident that you have what it takes. Use our reports as your GPA of soft skills and showcase what you can do! We can help!
Nailing that important job interview
Competing for admission to a college or technical program

Securing a raise or promotion

JAKAPA for Instructors

Preparing your students for their futures includes more than just teaching academic and technical skills. Employers hire for academic and technical skills but fire for a lack of soft skills.

JAKAPA can help you identify the critical skills students need to succeed so you can make sure they are ready to achieve their dreams. Your students can reflect on their own skills and build a plan to develop them.

Administering our peer assessments after a group project can provide valuable information to your students about how their team members view

JAKAPA’S assessment reports identify strengths and gaps in your students, so you have the data you need to close gaps and ensure all students are future ready. Our tools help you learn more about the competencies and provide ideas for integrating skill building into your curriculum.
Jakapa helps you prepare your students for the real world

Jakapa helps you prepare your students for the real world by developing a strengths and weaknessess profile based on group project performance

Build a better learning environment
Increase your students employability rate
Create more engaging group projects
Receive formative insights on your class' soft skills development
" This could transform the student understanding of the value of academic team projects, and I look forward to watching this develop

-Dr. Steven Austin Stovall
Assistant Professor Southeast MIssouri University

JAKAPA for Institutions

JAKAPA can help you determine if what you are doing is working, and our reports can help you determine the return on investment for various programs and initiatives. We can be used with career counseling or in academic or technical courses, so you can get a clear picture of how students are developing over time and how to best advise them as they consider their career goals.

Customized Approach

Our assessments are customizable, so you can select the competencies that align with your values and initiatives.
Our reports clearly show the status and growth of competencies throughout various programs. We customize our reports for institutions, so you can view data by campus, building, program, subject area, type of student, or any other demographic information that would help you make better decisions.

Better Awareness and Outcomes

We measure what matters and our data can help you communicate the importance of these competencies to your faculty and students, so they can develop shared language and tools to teach them. We can help you improve your outcomes, so you can achieve accreditation or compete for grants.

Improved Marketing and Satisfaction

Differentiate yourself by showing potential students that you will ensure they are ready for life academically, technically and with the personal and workplace skills they need to be successful. Increase student confidence that your institution does what it takes to make sure they can get the job and keep it.

The World Economic Forum's Top 10 skills for 2025

8 out of 10 are soft skills

Active Learning
Complex Problem Solving
Critical Thinking
Technology Design
Technology Use