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Jakapa is a social-emotional learning company founded to bridge the gap in social-emotional competencies in post-secondary students.

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What is Jakapa?

We build a strengths and weaknesses profile for each student.

We provide personal, formative, and comprehensive insights that aid in growth and development tracking.

Based on their performance throughout group projects and presentations.

Jakapa helps you prepare your students for the real world

Jakapa helps you prepare your students for the real world by developing a strengths and weaknesses profile based on group project performance.

Build a better learning environment
Increase your students employability rate
Create more engaging group projects
Receive formative insights on your class' soft skills development

Meet the team

Gavin Pringle


Gavin Pringle

7 years of leadership experience from the military and HigherEd. He was a TA for 16 classes with a strong group work component, instrumental in designing a performance survey still used by university tutoring, and oversaw training and performance review in the US Navy.

George Papulis


George Papulis

10 years of software design and development experience, past projects include web platforms and applications in database relationships and automated information management.

Keara Pringle


Keara Pringle

7 years of experience in product development taking products from idea conception to production delivery and frequently uses data analysis to evaluate product performance.

Naciha Alami


Naciha Alami

Graduate student in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Southeast Missouri State University. Strong knowledge in research, statistics, scale development, and consumer psychology.

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