JAKAPA for Businesses

JAKAPA can help you better understand the skills your employees need to succeed and provide a personalized program to upskill each employee. We can improve retention, productivity, teamwork and leadership strategy.

Customized Approach

Our assessments are customizable, so you can measure all 32 skills or select a relevant subset of skills and measure growth over time. We start by performing a skill scan that can help you better understand your employees’ skill sets and can generate a profile of a worker you can use to inform interview questions, hiring and placement decisions and onboarding. We hire for technical skills but fire for soft skills, so a deeper understanding of the soft skills most relevant to your organization can help you find the right people and retain them. Our workbook and Skill Builder App are flexible and personalized. Employees can set and track professional goals, accept challenges to build skills and track progress. You can monitor engagement and growth of teams or individuals.

Better Awareness and Outcomes

Understanding your staff’s skill set can help leaders personalize support, assemble strong teams, and put supports in place proactively to ensure productivity and innovation. We measure what matters and our data can help your leaders better understand the skills they need to successfully lead their teams. Your leadership team will have a shared language and collective understanding of the skills they need to develop for your organization to succeed. Leaders can use growth and engagement data to work strategically with their staff to set professional goals, build skills and track growth. JAKAPA can help your company improve retention rates, increase efficiency and productivity and develop a growth mindset culture.

Employee Engagement and Wellness

JAKAPA’s skills have been extensively studied and contribute to life satisfaction, peer acceptance, inventive thinking and a host of other positive outcomes that impact your culture, your staff promotion and retention and your productivity. We can become part of your overall employee wellness programming. Our Skill Builder App is designed like a fitness tracker and acts like a skills coach in your pocket. It can help your employees improve their emotional resilience, innovative thinking, cooperation skills, social engagement and self management.