JAKAPA for Educators

Preparing your students for their futures requires more than teaching academic and technical skills. Students need additional foundational skills and JAKAPA can help. Build self awareness in your students
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Build a better learning environment
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Increase your students' employability rate
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Create more engaging group projects
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Receive formative insights on your class' soft skills development
" This could transform the student understanding of the value of academic team projects, and I look forward to watching this develop

-Dr. Steven Austin Stovall
Assistant Professor Southeast MIssouri University

Build self awareness in your students

JAKAPA measures 32 skills in five domains: emotional resilience, innovation, social engagement, cooperation and self-management. These skills are critical for success in work and life. JAKAPA provides shared language you can use to help students become more aware of the skills and what they need to do to develop them.
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Personalized, customizable and Intuitive

Our program starts with self assessments. Students can also request assessments from parents, a mentor or a boss, so they can see how they are perceived.

Based on their strengths and areas for growth, they can engage in experiential learning with our Skill Builder App.

They can set goals, track their progress and accept challenges to build skills in decision-making, ethical thinking, abstract thinking, stress regulation and others.

You can track their engagement and progress.

Easy to Implement

JAKAPA comes with a workbook with reflective and team activities you can use, but we are not a curriculum that requires teachers to teach and grade lessons.

The role of the teacher is to use the data to inform Tier 1 supports and incentivize and reward engagement with the Skill Builders. We are aligned with SEL and career development initiatives and frameworks, so we can serve as a monitoring tool to help you gauge the impact of your programming and curriculum.

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